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What is seller finance and how is it used?

arn5Many people are finding it very difficult to secure bank loans to purchase either an investment property or for a house to live in.

The global financial crisis found the banks tightening up their lending criteria, which is having a huge impact on many peoples ability to get into home ownership.

Seller or vendor finance can be the answer. In it’s simplest form, this is where a seller (vendor) offers easy payment terms to the buyer. So instead of the buyer borrowing a large amount from the bank and making the full payment for the house upfront, the buyer can put down a minimal deposit and then make regular instalment payments of the period of the agreement. Continue reading

Sell My House with Vendor Finance _ Why It’s a great Way to sell on my terms and price

If you are looking to sell your house, it’s time to find out what are the benefits of offering vendor finance.

Why not be the bank yourself? Greg Buys Houses Luxury 1

Not everyone sells a house and immediately turns around and uses that money to buy another house. Or if they do they may not require all the equity from the sale to be used for the next purchase. It may be an investment property they can no longer afford or want.

The excess cash (equity) they hold in that house can be put to great use in the form of a “loan” to the buyer and the awesome thing about it is, that because you are acting as the bank you get to charge interest! Continue reading

What is Rent To Buy a house?

It  is just a different way of thinking when selling and Smarter Real Estate solutions Logo buying your house.

Renta Centa does it with white goods, and may call it hire purchase

Every major car company does it with cars and it may be known as a lease with a balloon payment. In fact most real estate agents drive around in cars obtained under similar schemes.

It’s the way McDonalds Corporation bought its first properties to launch its global franchise empire.

Now people right across Australia are doing it with houses. Continue reading

Selling your own House or FSBO

Otherwise known as For Sale By Owner or FSBO is becoming more and more popular.     

Selling your own property

Selling your own property

Did you wake up one day and think to yourself…I want to sell my house myself ?
Are you in some financial difficulty? Facing bankruptcy or has the bank threatened to foreclose on you?

Is your mortgage so large that you cannot reduce the price of your home even if you wanted to?

Or have you just got an unwanted house you either live in or an investment property that is being rundown by your tenant?

There are many “for sale by owner” websites that let you list your house and guide you through the selling process. Even to the point where they supply sign boards and screen potential buyers for you. It’s a great low cost way of selling your property. Continue reading

Housing affordability. Is there a crisis?


The debate over the housing affordability crisis continues. According to Terry Ryder who has been researching and writing Sold sign affordable housing

about Australian real estate since 1982, thinks the wrong questions are being asked of potential property buyers.

This in turn with media “news” has many convinced, it’s much tougher to buy now than it has ever been.

Terry Ryder has a very good point. “The big problem, as I see it, is not an affordability problem but an expectation problem”. “Younger generations have different priorities to the previous ones”. Continue reading